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Vote For Caroline Long

My name is Caroline Long. I am a parent, teacher, and community member. I am running to be on the school board for the Robbinsdale School District. Authentic inclusion of student and family voice, mitigation of historic and present inequities, and improved transparency and community engagement are key action items that I believe are needed in Robbinsdale Schools for our district to be even stronger for our students, families, and future.

As a parent and a teacher, I've all too often seen the inequities that exist within our school system.  These inequities have gotten in the way of students having a free and appropriate education. Seeing the impact of these inequities on my child’s education have pushed me to run for the school board, in order to address these long-standing issues through policy review and development, budgeting, and program evaluation.  After all, school boards are responsible for creating the policies of the district, ensuring implementation, and making changes to district policies to best meet the needs of our students, families, and community.

As a teacher, I've had the opportunity of working with students and families and advocating for the ones with whom I work to create the best outcomes for their students. As a parent within the Robbinsdale School District, I have felt frustration with the lack of voice parents are given, especially parents of color. Like many, I have felt devalued, dehumanized, and dismissed when I have raised issues and concerns or discussed policies that were not being followed.

With these personal and professional experiences, I will use the skills I have as a special education teacher to advocate for students, families, and the community to create a place of transparency and student, parent and community input. When all voices are allowed to be heard and honored, we can give students the education they need, want, and deserve.

Please vote for me, Caroline Long, to the Robbinsdale School Board.

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